Small Female Dog Coat

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The Woofer – Small Lady Dog Coat

When you’re taking your poodle out, don’t you wish you could share your love for Taylor Swift with everyone in the park instead of having to listen to her on your ear buds? With the Small Lady Dog Coat (for dogs weighing between 20 and 40 pounds), now you can! Bella will be the prettiest puppy in pink at the park!

The Woofer™ is a dog coat with stereo speakers built right into it. On the back, there’s a pouch where you can insert your MP3 player, phone, or iPod using a standard headphone jack. These dog clothes allow you to share both your love of music and of canines with the world. With the Woofer™, you’ll find yourself making new friends in all sorts of places, who reflect your musical tastes and your love of dogs! Each Woofer™ unit is hand-crafted in Philadelphia, PA by expert craftsmen, who are dedicated to ensuring both quality and durability in our products.

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