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Animal Options Veterinary Clinic Joins Love That Pet

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Deployed Soldier Returns Home And Discovers His Dog Was Sold

Imagine coming home after a long trip out of the country. You’re tired, and all you want to do is see your dedicated, dependable dog, whom you’ve left in the care of a friend during your absence. Upon arriving, you notice someone missing; where is my poochie partner? This was the scene waiting for BrandonRead More

Dogs brought to schools to teach young children to read

Human Animal Bond in Tennessee (H.A.B.I.T.) is an organization in Knox County, Tennessee using dogs in an interesting way. They are is using dogs to help increase the reading ability of children. Pet owners in the program bring in therapy dogs that are specially trained to sit on the floor and children as young asRead More

Extreme Pug Skydiving

Bugsy – The Skydiving Pug over Hawaii. Better editing and quality than original YouTube skydiving clip. Extreme fun over Dillingham airport. Mahalo to SkyDive Hawaii and Animal Planet & Dogs 101. Here is the clip for Extreme Pug Skydiving:

Customs and Border Protection detection dog finds drugs in clothes

Taken from an article by Mark Rockwell. Discoveries of ingeniously-hidden drugs in shipments of fabric and hats at Chicago O’Hare airport has Customs and Border Protection officials calling a five-year-old Belgian Malinois named Rogue a “wonder dog.” The Detection Dog Rogue sniffed out two shipments of opium-soaked clothing at the Customs and Border ProtectionRead More

Halloween dog costumes gain popularity

Folks who make and sell Halloween dog costumes have a most unlikely target customer this year: Fido. More precisely, dog owners. Spending on Halloween costumes for pets — mostly dogs, but occasionally cats — will hit a record $370 million this year, up nearly 20% from last year’s $310 million, reports the National Retail Federation.Read More

The Miami Herald covers ‘THE WOOFER’ – Wearable Sound System For Dogs

Wearable Sound System For Dogs Martha wanted some dog clothes that she could use year round. She wanted The Woofer by Holloween so she could use it as a dog costume that would beat all other dog costumes. She is a music fan and this guy in the pucture is obviously into musical dog apparel.Read More