The dog coat with speakers built in that play music.

The Woofer™ is a dog coat with speakers in it. It has a pouch on the back for you to insert your IPod, Phone, or MP3 player with a standard headphone jack. Woofer customers want cool dog stuff and enjoy funny dog costumes.

This enables more dog interaction in our lives beyond eating biscuits and barking! Clothes for dogs used to be cute but The Woofer lets you express yourself in a different way. These dog clothes let you share your music and make new friends for you and your dog at the park, on the street, or at a party. Use the Woofer while walking or running. If you're a musician, you can play your songs straight from the back of your best friend!

Every Woofer is hand-made in Philadelphia, PA by expert craftsmen for a high standard of quality and durability. A portion of each Woofer sold is donated to pet charities. This dog apparel is certified by Veterinary specialist Dr. Stephen Meister. Take out your ear buds and bring your music to the streets!

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