Customs and Border Protection detection dog finds drugs in clothes

detection dog

detection dog

Taken from an article by Mark Rockwell.

Discoveries of ingeniously-hidden drugs in shipments of fabric and hats at Chicago O’Hare airport has Customs and Border Protection officials calling a five-year-old Belgian Malinois named Rogue a “wonder dog.”

The Detection Dog Rogue sniffed out two shipments of opium-soaked clothing at the Customs and Border Protection Mail Facility at Chicago’s OP’Hare International Airport the week of Sept. 10, adding to an already prodigious smuggled drug discovery record.

Nearly $500,000 worth of disguised opium was seized by Customs and Border Protection officers at an O’Hare Airport mail facility Monday, officials said.

Rogue sniffed out about 15 pounds of opium shipped from Laos and destined for Wisconsin labeled as “Hmong Dresses.” He also found nearly five pounds of opium-saturated cloth being shipped from Laos to Minnesota, the statement said.

Two shipments labeled “Traditional Medicines” and destined for Minnesota and Wisconsin from Laos contained about 11 pounds total of opium-saturated twigs and wood shavings, the statement said.

Rogue, an 8-year-old Belgian Malinois, is the most successful detection dog at the agency, and his “nose definitely know how to ferret out hidden drugs in imported cargo and mail,” said William Ferrara, director of field operations.

He “works tirelessly keeping our country and communities safe from harmful drugs,” Ferrara said in the statement.